Live at lille istedgade, Copenhagen.

Live at lille istedgade, Copenhagen.

Evil Toy Manufacturers - Live at Lille Istedgade, Copenhagen. 17th july 19.30-22.30

A live gig with toy instruments. The album was distributed as a CD in the fruit counter or in record stores inside an album that might fit into the context, and so on. The band members were:

Evil kenivel: BeatBox, bells, obscene noise & hee.

Heeman: Bandleader/Conductor, percussion, beatbox, bells, piano, contactmic & Hee

Shame daawg: Melodica, bells, beatbox, synth, guitar & hee.

Windrbleem: Bass, synth, bells, violin, recording engineer & hee.

Big Up to bayrr eyverkripp for supportin with hee

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