Stanza Maze

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Sometimes they rap slow, sometimes they rap quick: Stanza Maze - three hunks with mics. Formed as a side project to the larger Skuggan Av Svampen posse, Stanza takes the SAS schtick and says it in English. The group is made up of Séamus, Butternut Squash (aka Skivling) and Floss Dworkin (aka Floss Perot) and have been making songs, killing cyphers and showcasing their swagger since 2001.

In 2003, they recorded and released a debut EP, The Craft, with help from their homies WESC Örebro. Since then, they've been kicking it in different corners of the world, coming together whenever convenient to record and create underground buzz.

As the spokesperson for the group, Séamus reflects: "even though we usually live in different parts of the world we always get down in full effect when we do connect, and what comes out of those rare sessions is always enough to keep the Stanza Maze ball rolling down the path of fresh productions."

The last time the bros got together properly was in Sydney, Australia. Taking time out from a busy schedule of sightseeing, icecream-eating and hand-holding, they also got into the studio and laid down some new tracks. These songs -- about heartache, freedom and pimpin' in the 21st century -- form the basis of the EP "Download This" available in the right column, as well as through all major digital channels.


Stanza Maze