Progress - This is it (2012)

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Progress - This is it
Produced by: Joakim L.

The first single from Progress Evolution forthcoming debut album, Dynamics.

Recorded at Musikenshus, Örebro by Progress.
Mixed & masterd at The Monolith by DJ Lo-kut.
Artwork by J.Efrik at obstruct alley.
Photo by May Shu.

I'm on a rocky road building up a solid flow
allot of ups and downs cups and pounds coughs and frowns
rough at this now like James Brown when i get down
superior to most cats in my area inferior
progress taking care of y'all
i break the barrier soul seed carrier
any competitor step up i berry ya
im out of Sverige better known as Sweden
The more the merrier and i believe in
processing peace to the seed reach Eden
till then bad men get defeated
we on-axis spinning world wide
spiritual physical lyrical ties
first single dropping on kingsize
then enterprise on the rise

this is it don't resist,
get into the right mode Lo-kut mix
about to blow up like dynamite sticks
out of Örebro with a flow that sick
Floating free to the sound
throwing seeds to the ground
Watching trees grow around
breath in breath out

Growing up around break dance
kids in a basement shaking up a spray can
b-man to the bone start cracking
till then rock show with a passion
wont stop want a piece of the pie
peace out to everybody tryna get by
urban arts 2 cought the true vibe
made a tight move at the right time
cause when it really goes down can i trust ya
it gets deeper then the mic skills brother
you gotta love it like a mother to discover
lights in the deepest dark we spark
energy lets take it to the park
sharpen up my darts
speaking to the enemy straight from the heart

Release date: 2012-12-14


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